20 Dec 2018

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Do I like to ask language speakers who why do you like want to learn Mandarin? The most common answer is “I like the Chinese culture.” Maybe that’s true, but I think that had said nothing. Recently, I heard an answer to touch me, I will share with you guys:

“I want to learn Chinese to get more opportunities in my career and also to learn more about different people and culture

I was considering to learn a new language for business too and was considering which one I'd choose

Then I watched a series about Brazilians around the world and some of them were in China, they said how Chinese people are and how Chinese faced so many difficulties during the time and they still have a smile in their face, they are open and very receptive to people and kind

And I love this kind of things because we are Brazilian and we feel a lot of empathy to people too

China has a vast story and I know I can learn a lot from this people

For sure the language isn't the easiest of the world but I don't want anything easy, I want quality ”

Thank you, I thought you knew Chinese than most people. 🙏

Please correct my sentences. ❤️
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