20 Dec 2018

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What is the difference between 構造 こうぞう and 体系 たいけい and 仕組み しくみ and 組織 そしき and 機構 きこう?
Feel free to just provide example sentences.

Can you verify these definitions are correct and provide a translation for each example trying to use the word in question? Also, can you help me understand how 機構 fits among these words?

構造: structure ( the way in which the parts of something are organized or arranged into a whole). Example: the structure of DNA
体系: system (a set of connected things that work together for a particular purpose). Example: I decided to install a security system after the shop was burgled.
仕組み: mechanism (a system within a machine). Example: a locking mechanism
組織: organization (a group of people who have a particular shared purpose or interest, for example a political party or charity). Example: This is a non-profit organization
機構: ???
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