21 Dec 2018

English (US) Near fluent Simplified Chinese (China)
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Question about Simplified Chinese (China)

This post is to address some fundamental communication issues regarding HiNative and similar language exchange apps. I hope we are still friends after reading this post.

It is nearly impossible to study a new language without an introduction by a native speaker. Let's say I, a Mandarin speaker who wants to learn Japanese, post my question in Chinese under Japan sub forum. I would either get a response from a person who may or may not understand Chinese, or be ignored thus by receiving no answers.
However, since English characters are built in every one's keyboard, I suggest to write in English when ever a question is asked. It is easier for me to ask Google when I want to answer your question. Otherwise I'm bored and painful at the same time since I don't understand your question.

I purposely write the message in English and post this in sub forums I care about so that users may notice me. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day!

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Simplified Chinese (China)