21 Dec 2018

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Question about English (UK)

Please judge the following sentences one by one and write the numbers which indicate the degree of naturalness. 1 indicates that the sentence is natural, 2 a little bit natural, 3 a little bit unnatural, 4 unnatural. Thus for example, if you feel the sentence (2a) is unnatural, please write 4. Please notice that in the following sentence, I write what I would like you to notice in the form "[Note:...]". In addition, I’d appreciate it if you would write the situation that comes to your mind when you judge the sentence and make a comment as a native speaker of English.

(1) Bill sent Mary a postcard, and John did so a present.

(2) a. This coat wants cleaning.
b. I want cleaning this coat.
[Note: In both sentences, I intend that "want" means "need", and not "desire".]

(3) The bed was slept in by Winston Churchill.

Because I must collect the data about the feeling of native speakers of English, I'd like native speakers of English to answer this question, and not non-native.
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English (UK)


English (UK)

English (UK)

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