21 Dec 2018

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I hope somebody proofread my statement of intent for a college. it's just a page long and I really Need your help guys!

Statement of intent of Advanced broadcasting radio, film & digital media
‘Gulf war did not take place’ said Jean Baudrillard as he explained the power of Simulacres that media possess. This famous saying got to repeat itself in my childhood as Iraqi war took place. Numerous numbers of movies, advertisements, YouTube videos, even personal videos in social media over the war made a formidable influence on people around the world and changed their point of view, their way of think. For I grew up with witnessing all of these, it was natural that I grew an affinity with the power of media art and eventually decided to dedicate myself to it.
From the naval ship in Pacific to a desert in Australia, through the city covered with snow in Canada and an old temple in Korea, I tried to work and stay close with camera and digital media to find out what I really want to capture in my camera and how I want to depict the world and things in it. Participating in making a promotional video in ROK Naval Educational Command gave me a chance to deepen my understanding of the power struggle between different interest groups in making a visual media. Among cold weaponry and good will of man, the experience I had in Navy taught me that the media art cannot be made alone without capital and that it’s inevitable to find equilibrium between art and industrial aspect. Diverse exchanges with different artists that I met in Australia brushed up what I had forgotten. Especially, I’d like to talk about when I worked with a music band ‘Acoustic holiday’ in Melbourne, making their music videos and planning promotions. With this opportunity, I was not only able to learn to make the best of what I have in making media art but also to reconfirm that to focus on the stories of the countless individual in the world is as important as to explore the discourses of society. With help of viewpoint that has become more mature throughout these lessons, my personal blog about film and digital media currently have 5,700 subscribers and 700 people, on average, visit the blog every day. As my works in the blog were acknowledged by people in various fields, I was invited to internet radio and the premieres of films.
Now, after this precious expedition of myself, I see clearly what I want to capture with my camera. Trembling elation of people, drifting in the complexity of diversified modern society. This is why I’m ready for Centennial college in Toronto where so many discourses of different cultures and ethnicities collide and make harmony. I also believe that I would be able to obtain precious practical skills from your pragmatic educational program and equipment such as broadcast studios or multiplatform production. Moreover, your program offers a field placement where I can carry out a broader and deeper study about the collaboration between an artistic and commercial aspect of the field on the strength of my past experience. Also, it is needless to say that the help that I’ll get from competent faculties with full of field experiences, especially Sheldon Reisler, Malcolm Byard, would help me to build a firm foundation where I can take an assertive first step to my successful future career. So far, I’ve made a lot of decision, comparing to my peer’s. Some of them I regret, some I don’t. Now I’m making another monumental decision that I’m sure I won’t regret until my dying day. With throbbing heart and a surge of excitement, I look forward to yours. Sincerely.

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English (US)

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