21 Dec 2018

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Question about Israel

Shalom Aleykhem! I have some questions about a self-guided tour to Israel. I still can't decide, whether I should visit Israel or another country, because I'm concerned about money and things seem to be quite expensive there.
1) what's the average price of hostels in Jerusalem?
2) is the food really expensive there?
3) how much money should I have for a week long journey?
4) how much is it to get from Jerusalem to Bethlehem?
5) is the Dead Sea available for tourists in the middle of January? how can one get there from Jerusalem?
6) is Tel-Aviv worth visiting?
7) is Israel safe for foreign tourists? How do Israeli people see Asians?
8) do many people in Israel understand English?
9) what are some "Don'ts" in Israel?

You can write prices in shekels.
Toda raba.

I've been wanting to visit Israel since I was a child, because back that time I was into Christianity.
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