21 Dec 2018

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Question about Latin

What does Et totus in luto et frigore et glacie venio ad ostium, et postquam diu pulsavi et vocavi, venit frater et quaerit: Qui est? Ego respondeo: Frater Franciscus. Et ipse dicit: Vade, non est hora decens eundi; non intrabis. mean?

(There's no problem if you write in either Spanish, English, French, Italian, German or Portuguese. I can read in those languages (from higher to lower proficiency)).

I understand the gist of it: he arrived (in a lamentable state... almost freezing?), he knocked the door and called. He was asked who he was. He said he was Father Franciscus. "Go (away), it's not time for (...). You will not enter", they told him.

Least clear parts (to me):
decens eundi
ipse (is this a relative pronoun (or whatever they're called?)?)
the declension of "in frigore et glacie"

Is "frigore" "cold" and "glacie" "ice"? So this is a kind of hyperbole? Similar to "I came back almost freezing"? Is "luto" like "feeling down"? "feeling blue"? (sort of depressed)? In Spanish, "luto" is the grieving for a deceased loved person.
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