21 Dec 2018

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Nowadays there are more careers offered at universities. Many are about science, technology, arts, politics, business, etc. Some people believe this is changing, and that subjects related to science and technology are becoming more relevant and necessary for the development of humanity.

Advances in these areas can improve people's lives, especially the improvement or invention of medical instruments or machines. Developments in science can also contribute to new cures for diseases, more nutritious food, and more ecological systems.

Therefore, it is understandable why many people encourage the increment of professionals in these areas. However, many do not agree with this and support that students should choose subjects they really like despite the effect or contribution their studies can have on their communities and countries' development.

Both points of view are different perspectives on the same topic,
professionalism. People study to become professionals at something and to work on that for the rest of their lives.

A person's career occupies a big part of his lifetime. Although working at something that can improve the world it is a laudable thing to do, we should ask ourselves how efficient and good a person can really be when doing something for which feels no passion, as well as how miserable his life can be waking up every day to do a job that does not like it.

We all have talents and abilities, likes and preferences toward certain activities, topics or areas of knowledge. Everybody is different. Some people are happy drawing, others building, resolving math problems or learning languages. The motivation to do all these things lies on every person inner self, and it moves them to learn more and more and become good at it.

In that way, I believe that a person should develop his natural abilities. If someone likes science, then he will be a great scientist; if someone likes arts, then he will be a great artist. Because their passion will drive them to perfect that ability, and they will be happy doing what they enjoy.

Every area of knowledge is important, it is not all about science and technology. Even most dedicated scientist benefit from listening to music, arts, languages, etc. We all can contribute to a better world through what we love to do.

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