24 Dec 2018

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Could you please teach me the meaning and interpretation of the following sentence plainly and in detail?: I don't want securing borders to hold up the other pieces. I think that this sentence has two interpretations which I show in the following and I cannot judge which interpretation is correct:

(1) I don't desire to secure borders because I need to maintain the present situation.
(2) I don't hope that securing borders maintains the present situation.

At first, I think (2) is correct, but when I take into consideration the context where the sentence in question is contained, I think (1) is correct. So, I show the context in question in the following:

citizenship, then what is the next best thing that's acceptable? And for us, individual sovereignty is important. And that means that a work visa bill that would include circularity, job mobility, family unification, and, if you're not going to be advantaged to get in front of the line, at least you're not disadvantaged by getting in back of the line.
(CROSSTALK) GWEN-IFILL: It sounds like a priority question, though. Is it securing borders which is the most important part or this idea about work...
(CROSSTALK) DANIEL-GARZA: I don't want securing borders to hold up the other pieces.
JUDY-WOODRUFF: Well, what about that?
(CROSSTALK) REP-TOM-MARINO: I have many, many hardworking Hispanics in my district. I have a very agricultural district. They come in on the visa program. We should make it simpler for them to come in on a visa program.
REP-TOM-MARINO: They pick crops. They work in our hotels. They send money back. They pay taxes. They send money back home. Sometimes, they go back home,

I'd like native speakers of English to answer my question. Please notice that I hope to understand the meaning of the sentence in some specific context, so I would like you to read my question entirely.
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