27 Dec 2018

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Could you please teach me the interpretation and the meaning of the following sentence plainly and in detail?: ...he didn't find the art he wanted hanging on the walls. I'll show you latter the context where this sentence is contained. I think the sentence in question has three interpretations but I don't understand which is correct, so I show two interpretations I consider:

(1) He didn't find the art he wanted. He desired that it hang on the wall.
(2) He didn't find the art. He desired that he hang it on the wall.
(3) He found that the art he wanted wasn't hung on the wall.

Finally, I show you the context where the sentence in question is contained.

over the past few years. The list is not exhaustive, since most donors prefer anonymity. TABLE # By Luther Brown # 23296 Section: ENTREPRENEURSHIP # Even in a bull market for African-American art, black dealers and gallery owners are finding the business of art tougher than ever. # When Byron Atkinson went to a group show at the June Kelly Gallery in New York's trendy SoHo art district last May, he didn't find the art he wanted hanging on the walls. # " I looked at the show, " says Atkinson, " and I said to June,' What else do you have that's new and different?' She pulled out a canvas from the back and I knew I had to have the painting. " # Atkinson paid more than $5,000 for Pumpkin Girls by artist Philemona Williamson. It was just one of the paintings that owner June Kelly often stores in her back room for special clients whose tastes she has come

I'd like native speakers of English to answer my question. Please notice that I hope to understand the meaning of the sentence in some specific context which is shown in the question board below, so I would like you to read my question entirely.
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English (US)


English (US)
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