29 Dec 2018

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It is cold today really cold. Yesterday with my captain. We had to ride with armored vehicles. After riding, while coming back to corp. The captain's car sunk in water. Beside a Tank road, there is a Tank washing road filled with water. It was very cold so the diver through the ice road is the road to go. Therefore the car sank. It's just like what I saw in the movies. Ice wrecks and slowly car sinks. Because of the ice in front of the car bumper, we cannot get out. We stuck! About ten minutes later we finally escaped. it was a memorable experience.

How can I use time more meaningful especially the morning time? And how can I make more free periods to do something more?

Every day, I'm trying to spend times more useful and efficient. But it is not easy. I wasted lots of time before.

What can I do more? And what shouldn't do?
does this sound natural?

Is it natural enough?
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