31 Dec 2018

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Dear my friends, I am having a very difficult Japanese exercise, could you please help me chose the right one and explain why we chose it for me ???

歴史的な大記録を作った斉藤選手は、祝福の拍手にこたえて ( )

They say that I must chose

a 帽子をとって軽くおじぎをした
b 大きな声で返事をした
c とても満足した様子だった

I am very confusing because both a and b could be the answer ? If I chose a, I think it can be " ... responding to the applause ... , he took his hat and bowed it ... "

By the way, if I chose b, it can be " ... responding to the applause ..., he answered them by a loud voice "

Thank you very much .

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