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Hi guys!
This is my motivation letter for the volunteers program. Could you please check if everything is ok?

Creativity rules the world! It helps us to get on with different people, to find the best way to succeed and to become famous. I’m happy to have a profession that allows me to be creative. I work as a marketing and PR manager. And I always have to try different ways to make audience pay attention to our company: advertisement, events, social media etc. I have to be always creative.

Creativity is in my blood because all members of my family were connected with art. My mom and dad were painters when they were young, my grandmother and grandfather were sound producers, and my grand grandfather were photographer. I’m also learning how to paint, play guitar and take photographs in spare time.

It would be a great pleasure for me to be a volunteer in the Vicki Brown House. I really like the Netherlands, especially Amsterdam, because it looks so similar to my hometown Saint-Petersburg. It is also full of art and gorgeous architecture. I really love it. Unfortunately, I’ve visited Amsterdam just once, it was a transit and I didn’t have a chance to visit museums. But I’ve always dreamed to come back. To come back as a volunteer would be a good chance for me to visit the country and to have an unusual experience of working threre.

If to talk about my skills I think that I meet all the criteria that you are looking for. An open mind and organizational skills are the most important things in my job. I’ve organized 6 events and took part in the organization of about 50 different seminars, conferences, parties, and presentations. I also have an experience of managing a team of 5 people (PR-managers, designers, photographers, copywriters) that requires some communication skills.

When I was a student I’ve worked in a table games store in a part-time. My ability was to teach children how to play games. We organized some special events and took part in festivals, made some performances to amuse people. It helped me to get on with children and to apply some pedagogical approach that I’ve learned in university. I really like to do educational work, especially with young people and children.

Moreover, I’ve already taken part in some international programs, such as Work and Travel in the USA, Sochi Olympics 2014 and G20 Summit Russia as a volunteer. So I won’t have any troubles with communication in English.

In future, I want to apply to one of the Netherlands universities to study Masters program. I’ll be more than happy to practise my profession abroad before entering a university. I think it will be a big advantage for me. This is why I have a strong motivation to do it.

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