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I consult one of my cowards. Sometimes I consult others without payment. It is a win-win game because I can try my consultant skills and others could get a free consultant. As many authors and books are said, my consult’s main idea is about money and getting wealth. First, I divide consultee’s life into 5years. Every five years I name them as society’s common senses. For example, until 20, you cannot live without your parent’s assistant because before 20 being a good son or good daughter is the best investment to survive. You can do what you want and can keep getting support even if you do useless things.

Second, besides 20 to 25, you can go to Uni or not. If you go to Uni or college you must spend more than 2 to 4 years of your twenties and more than 40 thousand dollars. And then you can get a college diploma that more than 80% of the twenties have. I ask consultee to choose. I also give those statistics. In Korea, the average payment of the twenties is under $1100 in a month. (in 2017) And Only 40% of graduates get jobs before thirty. More than 2millions of the twenties and thirties are trying to become government officials. More than 4millions of the twenties and thirties are trying to find a job.

Third, between 25 to 30 it is the Maginot-line to get a job and become average people. NO matter how you are genius, well-educated, have a great ability. When the one gets older than thirty, only less than 10% of them could get a job.

After all these processes most of the consultees don’t want to talk more, or they just repeat their useless life plan. If they act so, I broke their plans, dreams, and fantasies. I keep telling them their life would not be that easy.

I did it to myself many times. So now I’m trying to become a better person. That’s why I’m doing many things and learning many things.
does this sound natural?

Is it natural? Please help me :)
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English (US)


English (US)
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