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Bosatsu is ranked below Nyorai. The appearance of Bosatsu represents Shaka who is a founder of Buddhism and still in training to reach enlightenment.

His status when Shaka becomes a priest was a prince. That's why the statues wear lots of gorgeous clothes accessories.

Bosatsu is really popular in Japan and enshrined as the principal image of Buddha at many temples.

Myouou is the incarnation of the Nyorai. He had the appearance of anger.

Because he had to lead people who don't mind what he is saying to the right path.

The rope Fudomyouou has represents his decision of biding people with the rope and leading them.

Tenbu is a Buddha who comes from India.

Their appearance is really unique and they have particular appearances.

And some Tembu has a role that protects high ranked Buddha.

does this sound natural?

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