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When drinking in group, as a Japanese convention, everyone is expected to start with a jug of beer, so that all the participants more likely get their orders at a time and make a "cheers" call all together. Even though I don't like either beers or such a norm, most of the time I give up on what I really want to order for the efficiency and harmony
Generally speaking, within a society that most appreciates humility and harmony, being reserved and giving a way to others are regarded as deeds taken for granted. There's no denying that this concept functions to avoid unwanted conflicts with other people; however, many seem so much obsessed with the idea that they habitually stop themselves far from the point where their wants are fulfilled. Perhaps they might just be reluctant to interact with people and discuss each other's interests.
Rather than compromising from the beginning, concentrate on pursuing your interest as much as possible first, and then volunteer to step back a little if you are in someone's way. I do believe that's the better course of action to maximize the happiness of both individuals and the society.
does this sound natural?

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