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At my favorite bar, almost all the bartenders are women in their 20s.
I have rarely met a bartender who is 18, 19 or 30s year old person.
People who are 18 or older can legally work at bars until midnight in Japan.

As you may know, Japanese consumption tax is 8%.
There is important notice for tourists.
At usual bars, not cafe style, that open only at night, you have to pay cover charge per person for 300 to 500 yen.

Some of special bars such as show places and music bars, instead of the cover charge, they charge you service fee per person.
I often see 10 or 15 % of service fee at those kinds of bars in Tokyo.

When you get in the special bars, you should ask their payment system about cover charge and service fee and if consumption tax is including or not.
does this sound natural?

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