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Hello everyone. My name is Shimazu Kiichi. Today I will tell you about my favorite things. My favorite thing is to work part-time. I made a total of 3 part-time work in this winter. Why am I part-time so much? Because I dislike my free time. It is because my own free time becomes meaningful by working. Let's introduce the bytes we made in this winter soon.
The first one is Yamato Transport Corporation. My main job is to re-load the luggage from heavy trucks onto 17 medium sized trucks. I went to work at 5 o'clock in the morning and continued to leave work at 8 o'clock for a month. The reason why I started this part-time work is to fix life rhythm. Until I started this part-time job, I lived a life that was reversed day and night. The number of classes attending was insufficient and I was in danger of re-taking classes. I worked early in the morning to escape the crisis of reinstatement. As a result, perhaps barely, the crisis of re-enrollment is escaping. I have classified lots of luggage with this job. Thinking through this work, I thought that this country would not be established without transportation.
Secondly, I started part - time job at Meiko Gijuku. Meiko Gijuku is the first cram school that started individual tutoring in Japan. I teach junior high school students English, Japanese, and mathematics there. Students are studying on a daily basis so that they can study poorly. My main job is to teach if there are units that students do not understand. I hate children, but I like to make students study. However, due to my lack of guidance, I can not do my homework, and my study often interferes. I am very sorry at such time. Therefore, I would like to continue my studies in order to raise my leadership.
Lastly, as you all know, it is Seven Eleven. I spent most of the winter vacation in the 7-Eleven. I worked every day from New Year's Eve to the 3rd day. Why am I working so much? I worked to the extent that I could not understand myself. To be honest, this part-time job is the most boring of any part-time job. Every day I am monotonous. My salary is not that good. However, I do not have much work to do with as many customers as Seven Eleven. Through this work I remembered that I had forgotten the necessary service spirit as a person involved in the hospitality industry. From now on I would like to work without forgetting the way of thinking necessary for the hospitality industry.
In conclusion, this presentation talked about my part-time job. I talked about three part-timers of Yamato Transport, Meiko Gijuku and Seven Eleven. I have learned many things more than killing time through these part-time jobs. I hope to take advantage of this experience and continue to challenge various part-time jobs. Why do not you try some times if you guys do it a lot too? Thank you for listing.

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