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Hey guys... Evaluate my method to perfect my listening:

I print the transcript of a TED lecture, listen and read at the same time, then mark the words I do not know. Then I study the new words and put them in the Anki which is a program of repeated repetition to memorize new words .. Then I hear the lecture again but without the reading. I usually find 7 to 12 new words in a 15-minute lecture.

My question is: If I listen to a lecture without reading, on hearing for the first time I already understand a range of 80% - 95%, so you think it is worthwhile to continue listening to the same lecture 2 times to learn one range of 10 new words?

In a lecture that contains 3,000 words I usually find 15 new words.

It's getting a bit tiresome to have to hear the same thing again. I also watch TV shows on Netflix which helps me a lot.

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