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Autumn has come. This is a very beautiful and poetic season. The leaves on the trees turn yellow, red, and crimson. In the parks people collect fallen leaves, make bouquets and even weave wreaths. Autumn is also the beginning of a new countdown. Children go to school, adults end summer vacation and work days begin. It's getting colder, therefore people are warmly dressed and often rush home to warm themselves with hot tea in the warmth and cozy. It's increasingly drizzling. But from time to time the sky clears up and the sun peeks, though it isn't as warm as in summer. Using the weather and a day off, people go to the countryside to pick mushrooms and berries. During the walk you can meet various forest dwellers: squirrels, hedgehogs, hares or bears. Birds gather in flocks, prepare for a long flight. The days become shorter. With each arrival of autumn I fall in love with her beauty and the combinations of colours doesn’t cease to amaze me.

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English (UK)
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