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Hi, I wrote this, and I would like to know if it's gramatically correct ? Thx

Today, I'm going to talk about the notion : idea of progress. First of all, I would like to give a definition.To me, progress is the idea that the world can become better thanks to the evolution of sciences, tecnologies or quality of life.

The most interesting, pleasing, positive manifestation of progress according to me are robots.

As far as I'm concerned, I really approve of the fact that robots will change our lives in the future.

Indeed, they are machine controlled by a computer that is used to perform a complex series of actions automatically

The reason why I feel concerned with the introduction of robot in our society is that, it can have a beneficial impact on my entourage. 

For example, I would talk about my mother. She's a night nurse, and during the rest of the day she's at home, spending hours cleaning house and preparing food for my father and I. She often complained about being tired and not having a second to herself, to rest. But now with the evolution of robots, some can help in these chores, and therefore allow her to relax, like autonomous vacuum cleaner or also the washing machine.

Next I would like to talk about Leka. The Leka smart toy is a robot who help children with autism  and other developmental disabilities better learn and communicate with others. When I was in elementary school, I had an autism friend, she had 5 years older than me but we share same hobbies. However, though the years, I begin to like others stuff and we drifted apart. I think that robots like Leka, can allow them to keep loyal friends, and avoid knowing only abandonment and help them grow at their own rhythm .

Finally, robots can help in risky jobs like underground or mine work. But also in medical actions. There is a robot named Robodoc which is abble to do an hip surgery without the help of a surgeon.

I think many people agree with me about the fact that robots evolve our quality of life. They help us to progress, save lives, and to be more accurate.

But, yes, some people disagree with the introduction of robots in our life. They think that it can be dangerous, and it's true. As Isaac Asimov said we have impose rules to avoid Hollywood scenarios such as terminator.

There are also people who are complaining about the fact of cancelled jobs because of the introduction of robots in our society. But they forget that even if some jobs disappear a lot of other new jobs appear . Indeed each robot recquests a human capable of repairing or improving it, so new employments develop.

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