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Whatever my English level is, I can say for sure that I've been using English really actively ever since I started learning it.
That's my passion and even like an obsession and not only a part of my everyday life.
But..even though my tutors were happy with my progress (5 years ago when I just started I hired 4 tutors simultaneously, was spending almost all my salary on English classes) yet, I was very inconsistent about learning textbook rules and couldn't concentrate on textbook exercises.
I was busy with studying different meaningful contents, trying to figure out the phrases and expressions then I was asking the tutors for explanations on the content I needed and was interested in.

What I am trying to say is that grammar terminology isn't what makes sense for the real language.

Especially for a beginner when everything is new and unfamiliar it makes just a confusion and rather holds back than helps.
Grammar rules can make sense muuuch later when one is already fluent in the language.
As a matter of fact, kids become fluent in their native language and later learn grammar.

It just surprises me that a new language learning system goes backward.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

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