6 Nov 2016

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Have a look on the two style of writing. What are the advantage of each one?

I sing of arms and of a man:his fate had made him fugitive; he was the first to journey from the coasts of Troy as far as Italy and the Lavinian shores.Across the lands and waters he was battered beneath the violence of  the High one, for the savage Juno’s unforgetting anger; and many sufferings were his in war-until he brought a city into being and carried in his gods to Latuim. From this have come the Latin race, the Lord of Alba, and the ramparts of high Rome.
Arms and the man I sing, who first from the coasts of Troy, exiled by fate, came to Italy and Lavine shores; much buffeted on sea and land by violence from above, through cruel Juno’s unforgiving wrath, and much enduring in war also, till he should build a city and bring his gods to Latium; whence came the Latin race, the lords of Alba, and the lofty walls of Rome.

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