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Can you tell me about mistakes that I made here?

The title of my favorite book is Demian. It was written by Hermann Hesse. He was a germany winner of the Nobel Prize. He lived in XX century.
The main character is Emil Sinclar. At the beginning he is a child, during the story he become a young man.
This book doesnt include a specific category, I think its psychological and philosophical novel. So sometimes its hard to understand all reflections in it.
Its about growing up, forming our personalities, telling evil from good and also about personal growth.
Its learns us how to love ourselves, how to paying attention to our mistakes, and of course how to repair them.
The place of action is undefined, but its XX century Europe.
I recommend Demian for people who likes hard litaruture, who likes thinking deeply about life and analyzing everything.
Otherwise it will be a book that wont give you any satisfaction from reading it.

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