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I am confused about "he would not give up the location of the owner".
Does it mean "he would keep searching to find where the previous home owner is"??

The father of a nursing student who went missing after crashing her car in New Hampshire in 2004 believes newly gathered information will lead to her remains.

Fred Murray believes his daughter, Maura Murray, who was 21 when she disappeared, is dead. The University of Massachusetts-Amherst nursing student left campus on Feb. 9, 2004 and drove to New Hampshire. She crashed her car on a road in Woodsville, N.H., and vanished. Her car was later found.

The father said he believed he was so close to his daughter and couldn’t give up now.

Fred Murray and supporters organized a search of a basement near the crash last fall after getting the homeowner’s permission. He told NBC 10 Boston that the previous owner didn’t allow him access inside the home.

"He would just never answer the door," he said.

The father said two separate visits by cadaver dogs and a radar scan last fall identified something underneath the basement floor. He said he would not give up the location of the owner as part of an agreement with the home’s new owner.

"It's been 15 years and I haven't let up," Murray told The Associated Press. "The point is, two dog hits and a radar hit. ... That's my daughter, I do believe."

Jeffery Strelzin, New Hampshire’s associate attorney general, said the case remains open and active. He said the area outside the home was searched.

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