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Please read my writing and see if there are some errors.

I think I should read books to my son as long as he wants. My son cannot read words by himself so I have to read books to him anyways. But even if he read by himself I would still read to him if he wanted me to do so. There can be many reasons that children still ask you to read out loud even though they can read by themselves.

Children who recently learn phonics can read books by themselves. But they have to pay attention to decode words so much that it is hard to enjoy the story as they read. They have to read some easy books such as readers to practice their reading skill, which don’t match their cognitive level. So they want you to read some books that they can actually enjoy the story.

Some children may like the moment when their parents read books to them even though they can read comfortably by themselves. They may feel the parents fully pay attention to them so they can share real stories of their life that they may not do in other times.

I don’t think it is beneficial to push children to read by themselves. Eventually they would become an independent reader. I quite enjoy myself reading books to my son, so there is no reason to stop doing this so early whatsoever.

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