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I am analysing a poem, quoting some words from this poem.

Hope you can help me

At the end of this first stanza, the writer fragments the last sentence to make the reader draws attention to two important facts of his poem. The expression "ice - block - cold eyes" probably mean their eyes are sad, unfriendly and unhappy and those people are no longer able to reveal anything of their personal feelings and thoughts. They are robot incapable of expressing and feeling anything. The second part of that fragmented sentence reinforces the sentiment of hostility and bitterness the writer feels towards those people who changed their attitudes and behaviours to worse. The sentence " they search behind his shadow" can mean that when he leaves a place they look back at him and analyses his behaviours behind his back. The writer paints a predatory and sinister image of these people as they were his enemies and wanted to hurt him.
does this sound natural?

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English (UK)

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