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Hello. Hi, there’s four of us for lunch. Do we need reservation?

No, this way please. How’s your day going so far?

It’s going well. Thank you for asking. We’re from Japan. Since we walked around too much, we’re so hungry.

Excuse me, we’re actually ready for order. I’ll have a bottle of soda, do you have a lime for that? Oh, that’s perfect. They’ll have a glass of this craft beer, this one and this is for them. He’ll have this one. What is this like? Light? or full bodied? Sounds nice. Is this crab cake for four? OK, I’ll have two dishes. Could I have them with different sources? Great. Thank you.

Let me know if I can get anything else for you.

Okay. That’s all at this time. We could eat a horse.
does this sound natural?

This is a dialogue in a restaurant.
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