4 Jun 2015

Portuguese (Brazil)
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Question about English (US)

I'm about to finish off reading my first really massive book in English. The book is called "The Hunger Games" and it's the first one of the trilogy. I started out in the better part of February up until now, and there are still two more chapters to go. At the beginning of the book I felt in over my head, a lot of words that I didn't know, words that are not very common to hear in spoken language, I wasn't much motivated. But, after a handful of chapters and a bit of exasperation as I kept going through those pages things gradually became more pleasant and easier to understand. Though it is still quite a challenge for me. Anyway, for those of you who've seen the movies and found it interesting, I would certainly recommend the book, it puts on a lot in terms of enrichment of the plot which on the movies it's a little vague. All in all it was all worth it, I enjoyed the process, and undoubtedly it made a lot for my learning too... Thanks for reading and please help me with mistakes. does this sound natural?

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