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Please help me check if there are any mistakes in this article, or give me some advice, thank you.

Nowadays,with humans making enormous steps in technology,the phenomenon of killing time indoors is becoming more and more common.Opinions vary widely from person to person for it.An overwhelming majority claim that it unquestionably is pretty bad for us.

in no aspect,other than emotional communication, is the problem which was resulted from killing time indoors more serious.

on the contrary,a tiny minority reckon staying home is a good choice in many relaxation styles.For starter,it reduce expense of amusement.NO longer do people need more economy condition,if we choose staying home. For another, it enhance efficiency of resting because of reduction of other time expense,such as traffic time.

It occurs to me that we cannot throw away the apple because of the core.I think we can make various plans for how spending time in home, so as to having a good time.

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