24 Feb 2019

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This city is called Santa Barbara and it is in Los Angeles, United States. In Santa Barbara, they speak American English, and they currency is American dollars. The people are really kind and very nice. They say hello all the time. When you are on the street, they talk with you. The weather, is usually sunny, but there are some natural disasters we experience such as earthquakes, mudslides, wildfires, floods, and droughts.

This city offers a great variety of entertainment such as museums important Santa Barbara Maritime Museum or Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, parks Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.
You can do beach volleyball, we offer kayaking, we have sunset cruises and wale watching. We offer hiking up into mountains. You get a beautiful view of Santa Barbara and a lot of shops to buy trendy clothes.
You can go by car, by foot, by bicycle, by bus or waterfront shuttle is free bus touristic inside city.

The best hotels in Santa Barbara is Hotel Milo Santa Barbara, the property is right across the street from West Beach and is centrally located and within walking distance to Stearns Wharf and the Funk Zone for wine tasting, the harbor, State Street and the best hostel is Channel Island Shores, nice, a little place close to the beach.

Around the city restaurants to eat the typical food Black sheep, the specialty food is braised lamb shank and if you’re looking for cheap restaurant is Mesa Verde vegetarian/vegan restaurant. The specialty food is avocado bowl. If you look for quality of food is Toma restaurant. The specialty is Tuna Cones ingredients Ahi Sashimi, Ginger, Sesame, Soy, Chile, Chive in Crisp Sesame Cones.

The political situation In California is Democratic state, the governor is Gavin Newsom. The political situation in Santa Barbara is democratic, the mayor in Santa Barbara is Cathy Murillo.
The living in Santa Barbara is not so cheap, some things are more expensive than in other cities, renting a flat for instance. Another kind of things are cheaper, like food or eating in a restaurant
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Spanish (Spain) Near fluent
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