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Guys, please, please. Is this dialogue correct?

Customer: Hello Sir. I am Elizabeth Williams and I have a reservation at 8:00 pm
Waiter: Good evening Miss Williams. Have a seat, please
Customer: Thank you so much
Waiter: What would you like to drink?
Customer: Black coffee and I will have a glass of water, please
Waiter: Ok Miss Williams. Are you ready to order?
Customer: Yes, I am ready. For my starter a salad without green pepper and without celery. For the main course I will have meatloaf, please
Waiter: How would you like the meat?
Customer: Well done, please
Waiter: Would you like any side dishes?
Costumer: No, thanks
Waiter: Ok Miss Williams. I will be back soon with your food.

Waiter: Miss Williams, your food Is ready
Costumer: Thank you. ¿Could I have a knife, please?
Waiter: Here you go and enjoy your meal.

Costumer: Excuse me, Sir
Waiter: Was everything ok Mis Williams?
Costumer: Everything was delicious but the meat was a bit salty
Waiter: Sorry about that
Costumer: No problem. Could I have the check, please?
Waiter: Ok Miss Williams. Here you go
Customer: Thank you.
does this sound natural?

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