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Can anyone help me in this task? And, if it's no problem, explain why it is so. Thank you in advance.
Put the verbs in the correct form:
1. I have done what I could to mollify Agnes but it was for nothing. She ...... (not forgive) me even if I ...... (bring) her a thousand red roses.
2. What ..... (you/tell) Alan if he ..... (discover) you are paying with his credit card? This isn't Alan's credit card. It's mine.
3. Charles is too shy. If he ...... (take) a course in techniques of assertiveness, he ..... (learn) how to sell products more effectively.
4. If a big asteroid ..... (hit) the Earth one day, all life on the planet ...... (be) in grave danger.
5. But for his knee injury, Ronald ..... (play) in the final game last year. Unfortunately, he could only watch it on TV.
6. Suppose your mother ..... (find) out you're playing truant. How ..... (you/explain) that to her?
7. Your eyesight ..... (might/improve) if you ..... (eat) more carrot. "But I hate carrot, you know."

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