7 Mar 2019

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What does "dogged" of "an allegation that’s dogged Trump for much of his career" mean?

Cohen’s lawsuit also renews an allegation that’s dogged Trump for much of his career: He has a penchant for cheating people out of money he had promised them. Whether it’s small business owners, contractors or lawyers, when Trump isn’t happy he refuses to pay.

What once was a cozy relationship between two tough-talking outer-borough New Yorkers has devolved into a public fight before millions. Cohen, who made himself valuable to Trump by burying his potentially embarrassing deeds, is now trying to revive them in an effort to reduce his time behind bars. Trump, threatened by a now-disloyal former employee, has sought to denigrate Cohen to his nearly 59 million Twitter followers by raising questions about his family members and accusing him of rampant lying.

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English (US)
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