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Please correct these sentences.

Today is an unforgettable day. It is March 11th of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Eight years ago, I was general manager of the Morioka branch of JR East. A tsunami struck the area along the coast of the branch office, and the area was devastated. As for the trains running on the coastline, fortunately, the crew and the passengers properly evacuated and avoided the damage. However, one employee at Rikuzentakata station died in the tsunami. The specified evacuation shelter was drunk by the tsunami. I was responsible for employee and customer relief. In order to remember that day, I visit his grave in Kesennuma every year and mourn for him. It was a storm this year, but when I arrived at the grave there was a little rain. I pray for him and all the victims' over 15000 souls.
does this sound natural?

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