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‎‎‎Chao:Long time no see. How was your winter vacation?

Ping:Not bad. And you?

Chao:I had a very enjoyable lunar new year. Lunar new Year is a day when people give children red envelopes.

Ping:It sounds great! Do you have any plan for the next holiday?

Chao:I have no idea. How about you?

Ping:I am going to go home. I need to help my mom at home to worship my ancestors and take a good

Chao:That sounds cool. Do you know what customs of on the Tomb Sweeping Festival.

Ping:Of course! For the Tomb Sweeping Festival, it is common for Taiwanese to prepare a wide variety of offerings to sweep the tomb.

Chao:Flying a kite is also a custom of the Tomb Sweeping Festival, in order to let the disease blow in the wind.

Ping:Good thinking. Maybe it will be one of my holiday.
does this sound natural?

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