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‎‎-Not only social networking, but also computer games and "fast paced tv shows", TV programmes which end after only a few episodes or their life time is not very long, are causing irreversible problems in our brains.
-The ease of having screen dialogues in any time of the day, instead of a face-to-face conversation, can be compared to the convenience of finding animal products on the shelves of supermarkets, thus avoiding the worst parts of the production: the killing, the skinning and the butchering of animals.
-A teacher who has been teaching for almost 30 years believe that pupils have lost their ability of understanding others. They do not compare their opinions and feelings face-to-face anymore because there is always a device between them.
-Maybe the increase of autism cases are due to the knowledge we have now of the phenomen or it is linked to the expansion of social media in our life, but in any case, we should be aware that the second option is something to consider.
-Children should start using a computer after age 7. Most research expose how using social devices, especially games, can limit our ability of reasoning.
-Children's brain development is damaged by the change of the activity of our brain nowadays.
- Most psychologists are not against the use of social networks, but they all agree that young people should be able to have a real conversation, before using a device and having one online
does this sound natural?

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