16 Mar 04:40 PM

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Question about English (UK)

I have some confusion with this poem, may I ask for some explains about it?

1.What does the “eth” mean at the end of a word?
E.g. knoweth, keepeth, cometh

1. ‘Were it bordered with gold or purple, perhaps it would made me vain.’
What does it mean?

2. ‘If my meal is sometimes scanty, close picking makes it sweet.’
What’s “close picking” ?

3. ‘I light on many a spray.’
What’s “light on”? What’s “spray”? And why “many” could come with “a” here?
Same with “With many a chirp of pleasure.”

4. ‘God gives me a sparrow’s portion.’
Does ‘portion’ means destiny or role or something?

It’s a beautiful poem but my English is not good enough, I’m so sorry for it.

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