25 Mar 10:26 PM

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Question about English (UK)

The aim of my thesis is to analyse marketing and communication strategies of Puglia region, focusing on building and maintaining a destination brand, in order to estimate its effectiveness and give space to further improvement. The first part concerns an overview of tourism industry, then I presented theoretical elements for place branding and, more specifically, for destination branding. Since practical experiences are valuable sources of information, I took three cases as virtuous examples of destination branding: Ireland, Lyon and Trentino. In the third part, I described initiatives aimed at promoting Puglia as a destination both in Italian and international markets through roadshows, cultural and sport events, international tourism fairs, a website and #WeAreinPuglia. By focusing on a range of case studies, this thesis demonstrates how destinations can successfully harness the power of branding and how Puglia is on the right path and can do even better. does this sound natural?

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