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Please help me with this. Maybe I made a mistake.

My trip to Gdansk it's my dream.

I traveled here with transit and firstly, I flying by airplane from Rostov-on-Don to Kaliningrad. Then I went by bus from Kaliningrad to Gdansk. 

I waited for the bus a four hours! It turned out that timetable on the site is not correctly. In short, I bought a ticket at 15:00.

A first impression. The sun is shone out the window and I laught, don't believe that gone to Poland. We're went across Elbląg. And at 19:00 I was in Gdansk.

I booked a room in the Wrzesz district on airbnb. 

There are a tram station and supermarket near a house. The centre of the town is 20 min. by tram.

I chose for the long time: hotel room an expensive,and I travel not for a relax in hotel; in the hostel I'd would've sleep in the one room with other people. So I chosen airbnb. 

That is how I met Joanna. She is very kindly and guestly. Talking to her is a good practice of my Polish. 

 I went to museum, walked, speaking with other people... and I had an adventure. One day I was going to the centre by tram and missed one stop. I went out on a next stop and went back to the stop what I missed. Luckily I had a daily ticked; otherwise I would have gone by foot. There isn't  an ticket machine here. 

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