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Hey everyone , what's up 🙋🙋🙋

Do you mind taking a quick look on my text in case of any mistakes ?
Thanks in advance!

"My life started talking some quite annoying state recently. However that issue isn't really new, actually it had been there for a while. But you can say, i was doing some sort of mind-hypnotism in order to silence the voice of resentment echoing in my head in a desperate try to continue the course of my studies and life in general peacefully!
As a result, i found out lately that I'm not content this way ! So i asked myself " what is it all for?! Why am I doing this?!
And i keep asking myself the exact same question over and over again !
Finally i realized that in fact there isn't much of what i can do about it, all what i have to do is just go on with it going that someday it'll get better. For the sake of clarification by getting better i mean finding what i love to do and utterly conceive the WHY behind doing it.

Living directionlessly, aimlessly is really hard, your days kind of lost their significance and you lose the control on your life's events until you know your mission in life.
So figuring out the mission is the main goal, and it isn't simple, if it was, there wouldn't be masses of people swallowing tons of antidepressants every year all over the world !"

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