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Heeelllooooo Everybody 🙋🙋what's up?
Do you mind having a quick look on that text in case of any mistakes ? Thanks in advance

" Why i write ?? Why am i trying to write ?
The longing for writing is caused by an internal feelings which compel me to express them side-by-side with my thoughts.
Writing gives an incredible sense of relief . The flow of words on paper is accompanied with stress alleviation .
I don't know yet exactly the mechanism behind such phenomenon ,but all i know is it makes me good.
As a matter of fact , i don't even know if i'll ever be a writer or not !
That thing lies outside my knowable life's realm .
It annoys me alot ,that i can't grasp my own fate in my two hands where i can't hold a map of paths i would traverse in my future ! "

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