17 Nov 2016

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Question about English (US)

to write the words in right form.
1. Police WAS last night investigating the mystery of a mad money machine.
2. Bank cash dispenser at Kingston and REWARDING with about £195 in crisp fivers.
3. The money WERE a big sum for us
4. He quite ASTONISHED
5. Some of the money obviously belonged to the lady who USED the machine before him.
6. Luckily there was a member of the staff nearby and the machine SWITCHED off.
7. I sent a special constable down to investigate but I DIDN'T HEAR from him for some time
does this sound natural?

7-6 - natural
5-4 - little unnatural
3-2 - unnatural
1-0 - don't understand

Please if you can, say where I made a mistake and explain why it is wrong. Thank you
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English (US)

English (US)
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