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All together, there will be more than 100 events in the next 14 months that build up to the final 2020 XXX event. --- We would like to offer XXX the opportunity to sponsor the biggest 50 events, as well as bring the World Championship to Japan and Tokyo.

We would agree on sponsorship activations, but we offer at least: shared promotional branding, presence of a branded video clock timer at all events, connection to influencer artists, and a minimum of 7 million media impressions across the events.

Our bottom line offer is for the sponsorship of the top 51 events in the global tournament, for a total cost of USD$100,000. We see this as a basic sponsorship of $1,000 per event for 50 global events, and contribution towards the costs of team/artist travel and event production for the final event, the 2020 XXX event in Tokyo.

Together, we will realize the world’s biggest art tournament, and a global celebration of artists, talent, excellence, and precision. All with cameras flashing, and the world watching.

Our team would be pleased to speak with you, to answer any questions you may have about the specifics of this, or to receive any ideas following from this outline that you may be excited about.

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