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I like trains. Especially, commuter trains. I like not watching trains but driving trains in games and in simulators. There are three reasons that I like doing that.

First, when I was a child and rode a train, I was always in the front row of the window of driver’s seats. I like a landscape that I could see from there.

Second, I want to be a train driver because I think they are cool! They can stop the train accurately and on time! Even in the world, that is splendid.

Finally, especially important to me, the driver’s cab of commuter trains is very stylish!! All information of these trains are gathered there and easy to see. Handle of commuter trains is ergonomic design, so it is excellent in operability. In my spare time, I play train game with the game controller which is like the driver’s cab of commuter trains.

I tried to challenge English composition.
If there are any unnatural points, please let me know even the smallest ones! (I'm not good at writing English...)

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