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Could you correct my sentence please?

The first is that Japanese have been growing up watching many anime since they were a child. There are a lot of anime for children in Japan, and as a result, many people continue to watch anime as even they grow up.
And Generally speaking, animation has a strong image of only for children, and it is popular to have easy-to-understand stories and cute characters that are not for adults. For example, Cartoon and Disney animation. Japanese anime is created to be enjoyed by all generations, regardless of gender. Sometimes they make works that suit the tastes of men and women.

For example, Crayon Shin-chan, Doraemon and Chibimaruko-chan are popular to children. It's still seen by many children. Then, Slum Dunk and Dragon Ball fascinated many boys. They are very moving anime. Works such as Sailor Moon and Cardcapter Sakura are popular with girls.

does this sound natural?

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