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Could you correct my sentence please??

Second, the story is unpredictable. In Japanese Anime, main character is not always win or being happy. Remember Disney's movies. Cinderella was end up being the Queen, and Ariel weren’t lose to the Ursula, right? But in Japanese anime, sometimes the main character is lose or killed. Did you see your name? You know, it’s great but a strange story. I couldn't predict the end of the story as I watched it. Such a complicated story is one of the main reasons for attracting people.

 Finally, Japanese anime have a lot of genres, like romance, academy and youth, action, fantasy, suspense, gag, daily, sports, history and idols. A lot of genres means we have a lot of choice. People will be able to enjoy various genres without getting bored.
does this sound natural?

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English (US)


English (US)
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