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Please, help me. I need your help in order to improve my writing skills as much as I can. My exams are taking place next month. Thank you.

The way the two writers, Stanley Stewart and George Alagian, present their ideas and the contents of their writing is completely different. In "The Empire of Genghis Khan", the writer explores the weirdness of the Mongolian population by describing their tradition, customs and ways of thinking with a comic tone: the groom's obligation of searching by his bride "under a neighbours' bed" may have a connotation of insanity for who belong to the contemporary society, and to make his writing more comical and descriptive, the writer add some Somalian words such us "ger" (the Somalian home) and "Rolls", the car used for weddings; On the other hand, "A passage to Africa" by George Alagian, has a completely different main topic and the writer's tone is serious and sad. The accurate description of the humanitarian and economic condition of the Somalian population makes us relive their dreadful vicissitudes: his choice of the word "hut" rather than "home" and the reference to the lack of food through all the article make clear for the reader the poverty condition of the Somalian population and make him feel a feeling of anguish for what these people experience every single day. This feeling is reinforced by the use of dramatic words as "death", "revenge" and "rotting".
Therefore, we can state that they describe different things by using dissimilar techniques in order to present their ideas, opinions and interesting information.

does this sound natural?

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