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As I was reading a novel, I came across the passage below.

'Vera,' Chase responded with a brief smile as he headed straight for Martha. 'You heard about that woman's unexpected arrival last night?' he asked.
'From Daphne, yes. She had to take in fresh towels this morning. Apparently she was in bed in the nude!' Martha's voice lowered to a scandalized hiss.
'I think that's so common, don' you!'

Chase is a butler, Daphne is a housewife, and Vera is a cook of a mansion, and they are talking about the female guest.
I don't understand what the part "take in fresh towels" means here.
And I think the person who had to take in fresh towels is Daphne, and the "female guest" was in bed in the nude.
I also don't understand what's that got to do with "take in fresh towels."
Could anyone clarify this?

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