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​‎Hi!Here need your help. Pls make them more native

1. Nowadays, many youths are so vain that they are obsessed with good-looking cars though they are not rich.
2. That artist lived in the countryside for 3 years in order to get inspiration, for which he denied himself many pleasures.
3. I don’t know whether the excursion to that island can be practiced or not, because that is at the mercy of the weather.
4. He studied medicine in Japan at his early years, but changed his mind after he came back to his motherland. Now he pursues the literary creations through out his life.
5. It was witnessed that since 1978, our economic has grown rapidly, while the economic of some developed countries has a little decline.
6. The earthquake cut the connection between this city and the outside. The food supply may not hold out for winter.
7. When his affair was found by his wife, their marriage finally fell apart.
8. Recently, she takes up with an old man who is at her father’s age, which disgraces her parents.

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